About Me

I've been a member of the catclub Spinneriet since 2001 and I currently hold the positions of Vice President and Show Secretary.

Together with my husband I run two businesses; Winterskiöld Photography and Winterskiöld Invest.

My interests are, besides cats and cat shows, horseback riding, travelling, reading books and spending time with my family and friends.


I was born in 1975 and I live in Göteborg, the second largest city in Sweden. My family also consist of my husband, my son, one Maine Coons and one Norwegian Forestcat.

I work as an Executive Management Assistant at Volvo Car Corporation. Before this I've been working as a management assistant, office assistant, secretary/receptionist, administrative consultant  and last but not least as a dealer. I hold a B. Sc. degree in Management & Organization from the Linnaeus University and I have also been studying law at Umeå University as well as molecular biology at the University of Gothenburg.